International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, Bdaily wanted not only to look at what the business landscape looks like for women in 2020, but to examine what is needed to support the female leaders of tomorrow.

Bdaily invited firms and organisations from across our key regions to share what they feel is needed to support the next generation of women in business.

North East business leaders rose to the challenge, addressing the need for representation, awareness from companies, resilience, changing perceptions, and an increase in institutional support for women.

Sonali Craddock, marketing director of Platinum Assets, commented: “Working in the energy and construction sectors, I am not unfamiliar with the stereotypes surrounding both industries.

“My advice to the future generation of women in business is to challenge these typecasts and pursue the interview, career and company which inspires you or sells a product, service or vision that you are passionate about.

“In my years in business I have certainly seen a shift in attitudes and an openness to ensuring the right candidate, regardless of gender, secures the position based on their skill set.

“In addition advances in technology, flexible working policies and networking opportunities continue to support women in business, often helping them juggle the demands of the 21st century working woman.”