Welcome to Platinum Assets & Developments

Platinum Assets & Developments Ltd (PAD) is a successful privately owned business. It operates in a variety of developmental sectors including Private Rental Sector schemes, traditional development, renewable energy farms and student accommodation schemes.

The key stakeholders of Platinum Assets and Developments (PAD) bring extensive expertise and experience within the loan note and property development market. Chairman, Tony Hughes has operated at board level for the past 30 years with institutional funds such as Head of Sales with Pearl Assurance plc who at that time managed assets in excess of £150 billion. More recently he has been Group Sales Director building corporate and client finance structure from zero to a recently over £1 billion valued business in a little over 7 years.

William Jackson, Director of PAD and shareholder has worked at Director level for the past 20 years having been responsible for development projects in excess of £45 million. More recently these development projects have ranged over a variety of sites including: Richmond, North Yorkshire, GDVL: £1.5 million; George Street, Harrogate GDV: £2 million; Burn Brae, Hexham GDV: £2.5 million; Seaham, County Durham GDV: £3 million and Laurels Quays, North Shields Royal Quays Marina GDV: £3 million; South Brook Farm – Gas Turbine 20 megawatt renewable energy scheme GDV: £25.8 million.